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About Me

I’m just an ordinary guy with a camera, an eye for attractive things and a catcher of good memories. When I was a young fella, I saved my money and bought me a Polaroid Swinger. I started taking pictures and that’s why I’m publishing my portfolio today. Taking pictures has gone from a hobby to freelance photography. I have shot a few pictures and am still shooting today.

There is a price list below that I'm sure you'll find attractive for weddings. Of course I will photograph just about anything and I will be offering portraits soon.

If you have a need for a photographer who’s courteous, funny, caring and professional, contact me and I’m sure I can catch a few of your precious memories.

*Wedding Packages - Call 478-733-0870 for details

*Prices subject to change without notice.

A 30% deposit is due upon booking your event.

This deposit isn’t refundable unless Jordan’s Photography cannot be present for the scheduled shoot from being done.

Client is entitled to one reschedule of a shoot and venue. Jordan’s Photography will not be held liable if the desired reschedule time cannot be filled due to other bookings scheduled for that day.

Jordan’s Photography will never engage client or itself in dangerous poses that will jeopardize safety and life and reserves the right to refuse any shoot that may cause injury or loss of life.

Jordan’s Photography reserves the right to refuse any request that will depict immorality.

Pictures taken are the property of Jordan’s Photography and may be used in portfolios, advertisements and promotional media.

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