The Story Of A Freelancer

When I was a boy, I watched my father take pictures with one of those cameras that had the viewfinder mounted on the top, shaped like a box and it used disposable flashbulbs. I was fascinated by it and would've got in trouble a few times if he had caught me playing with it. When I turned 13 years old I saved enough money to buy myself a Polaroid Swinger. I took pictures as fast as my money would allow me to buy the then expensive 10-shot cartridges that I had to load into the camera.

The cares of life took me away from my interest in taking pictures, but when I turned 43 years old I picked up a Sony Mavica Digital camera that needed a 3.5 floppy disc to take pictures. Now I am a bit more advanced using Nikon products and my passion has been rekindled. Take a look through my site and watch me grow even better. And if you by chance need a good and courteous photographer look me up!